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Carrera, the prestigious Italian lifestyle brand, have just announced Jared Leto as the new face of the 2016 Carrera Eyewear campaign. The iconic brand was established in Austria in 1956 and is renowned for sponsoring sporting events and having high profile sunglasses models. Leto may seem like an unusual fit but it’s his uniqueness that makes him an ideal icon for the brand’s new “Maverick” collection.

“I’ve known of Carrera since I was a kid and when I came across the Maverick project I was immediately connected to it as it talks about people that are brave, bold, that take risks, the wild horses, the people that are not afraid to fail, the type of people who have inspired my whole life” said Leto.

Jared Leto, famous for being an American actor, singer-songwriter, director and most recently, Academy Award winner, is no stranger to the public eye. Known for his method acting he is considered a Maverick within Hollywood which is why this campaign is the perfect fit. “Carrera chose him because he perfectly embodies the boldness and spontaneity of the new Maverick collection and with great joy, we found out that he was already a follower of the brand,” said Massimo Pozzetti, Global General Manager of Carrera.

The new collection is easy on the eye, aesthetically and practically. With a modern design for the stylish gent, they can be worn with a suit or casually with street wear. The thin frames are comfortable and designed for all day wear. Leto has never looked so good!

The new Maverick collection is now available at The Iconic

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