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Matty Johnson - The Bachelor Season 5 (2)

Making hearts swoon since 2017 Australia’s newest Bachelor, former Brisbane lad Matty Johnson, sat down with Fashion Society as we asked him the questions you are all dying to know.

When you were approached by Channel 10 to be the next Bachelor what did you do? 

The first person I spoke to was my mum and my sister. We discussed all the potential pros and cons as well as best case scenario versus worst case. Whilst there were definitely risks involved the opportunity to have a second chance on the show was something I couldn’t say no to.

What can we expect from the ladies who were sent in to win your heart? 

I’m not sure where to begin – how long have we got!? The girls in the house really are a mixing pot of personalities and the types of dates we go on vary from romantic, hilarious, adrenalin fuelled and emotional… the list really does go on and on.

What is the hardest thing about being the Bachelor?

Without question, the hardest part about being the Bachelor is saying goodbye to someone each rose ceremony. I think it made it more difficult knowing exactly what it feels like to stand there waiting and hoping to have your name called, as well as knowing what it’s like to be in a limousine by yourself after being rejected. It’s awful to think you’ve caused someone that kind of pain, but I knew it was part of the process to find the one.

How would you describe your fashion style?

I think my style is pretty traditional and relaxed – nothing too over the top. Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of simple classic pieces in navy, white, black and gray. Whenever I’m heading out I can’t go past my old pair of desert boots, salvage denim jeans, and suede bomber. It’s a nice balance of being sophisticated and stylish without looking like you’re trying too hard to impress.

What outfit would your dream girl be wearing?

This would definitely have to be a summer dress. Maybe it’s because whenever I see them it just reminds me of being on holiday?

Would you prefer night on the town or cuddling up and watching Netflix? 

For me it’s all about balance – both options sound great! Whilst I enjoy heading out and having drinks with my girlfriend and friends, I’d go crazy if I had to do that week in – week out. Every now and then it’s nice to have a really quiet weekend and ‘veg out’ on the couch.

What is something the Australian public would not know about you that may surprise them? 

I actually used to have a fashion label when I was 19. A friend and I would always talk about how difficult it was to find good clothes to wear and we had a similar sense of style so we thought we’d have a crack at making our own range of shirts. It was called Kid Plastic and the range was pretty small – about five designs in a V-neck or round neck. We stocked them in a couple of boutiques in Brisbane and it actually did well – we sold out in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, a second range never made it into production!

The Bachelor Australia airs on Channel Ten Wednesday and Thursday 7:30pm.

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Matty J - The Bachelor Australia

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