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Joey Scandizzo, a well known and well-respected hairdresser and salon owner in South Yarra, sat down with Fashion Society for January’s installment of 10 Minutes With FS

I had the pleasure of having my hair styled by the Joey Scandizzo Team at this year’s Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo 2018. We captured all the behind the scenes action, whilst the biggest names in Australian Fashion attended the Sorrento Hotel to be styled for the A-list event. 

Find out more about the man behind the brand, Joey Scandizzo, below… 

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When did you know you wanted to be a hairdresser and why? 

I didn’t love school, I was always getting in trouble because I was bored and just wanted to have fun! It was actually my dad that suggested I became a hairdresser, he knew I liked to chat to people and be creative and he knew it would keep me interested because you can do so many different things with it.

What are the top hair trends coming up for next season? Any cut, colours or styles that stand out to you? 

Definitely natural looking lived in texture. I am loving big heavy curtain fringes and hair that looks like it has shape and structure but a lived in natural feel to it. Nothing over worked or too contrived. Colours are more soft and natural looking, grown out and lived in looking. Nothing too solid.

What hairstyles did you and the team do the most of at Portsea Polo when styling for the Insta celebs? We saw lots of ribbons and scarves; can you tell us more about that? 

Styling all the celebs at the polo was great! Such a fun day, everyone was up for something a bit different and interesting. We used loads of scarves and headbands in really interesting ways, wrapping them in different ways. We incorporated some of them into styles as if they were hair and twisted them into braids and plaits. It was great! You can see a real revival in hair accessories at the moment, loads are people are wearing ribbons and scarves, even the scrunchie is back!

With the constant change of Melbourne weather (40 degrees one day, raining the next), what tips can you give us to help us combat frizzy hair? 

It helps to prep your hair well because you will experience 4 seasons in one day in Melbourne! I like to recommend using ELEVEN Australia SMOOTH ME NOW shampoo and conditioner and Miracle Hair Treatment, it helps protect hair and battle frizz all day long.

Favourite aspect of having a salon on Toorak Road in South Yarra? 

I love the hectic pace of the area, always loads of people around – plus I’ve been there for years so you know all the locals and it feels like home.

Advise for people who want to work at your salon or get into the hairdressing industry? 

Give it a go! You don’t really know until you try it! We are always expanding and growing the team, so it pays to put yourself out there! We currently have stylists and apprentice roles available at Joey Scandizzo Salon, if this sounds like a fit for you get in touch with us info@joeyscandizzo.com.au.

In a nutshell, what is your personal fashion style? 

Hmm I like to try different things but most of all I like to be pretty casual and comfortable – it all depends on the occasion really…but I am most happy in my running gear – trainers all the way!

Who or what inspires you to be a better version of Joey? 

My family and my team – always! I always strive to make my family proud and do things well. My team is a great inspiration to me, they are all so different and exciting and constantly showing me new things and asking great questions that make me think about what I do and why I do it. I am very lucky.

Tell us a random fact about you not many people know? 

I have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet! If I could I would eat carrot cake and doughnuts 24/7!

“To dream the life, to live the dream” ~ Joey Scandizzo

For more info: www.joeyscandizzo.com.au

Leila Andrews 

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